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If you’re looking for a fast and easy stump removal service at a competitive price, then you have to look no further than Waitakere Tree Services. We’re specialists in stump removal no matter how large or deep. We understand stumps because we deal with them everyday, which means that we do the job quickly without any risk to you or your property.

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We can grind stumps of any size and include it in your tree removal quote or provide this service alone. Contact us now for your stump removal Auckland. Call 0800 525 600 now.

Stump Grinding

Modern Stump Removal

Our team of qualified arborists are trained to the latest safety standards and best practices. We are also insured, which means that we provide a worry free service should that be a concern of yours. We also have the latest in modern stump removal machinery and tools to ensure fast and safe stump removal work.


We have a long list of satisfied customers and years of experience, we are a trusted name in the tree service business. We provide a huge range of arborist services from hedge trimming to stump grinding and tree removal. We can also complete jobs at scale in both the commercial and residential sectors. We’re proud of our track record and up-to-date personale and modern equipment.

Why Remove A Tree Stump?

Stump removal leaves a perfect finish after a tree removal job, removing the roots and stumps leaves the site level and ready to be utilized immediately as lawn, garden or building site. The above ground nature of tree stumps may also be a potential hazard as they can cause damage to vehicles, persons and building foundations,