Stump grinding leaves a perfect finish after a tree removal job, removing the roots and stumps leaves the site level and ready to be utilized immediately as lawn, garden or building site.

We can grind stumps of any size and include it in your tree removal quote or provide this service alone. Contact us now for your Auckland stump grinding. Call 0800 525 600

Professional Stump Grinding Service

Waitakere Tree Services will travel to you, no matter where you are Auckland wide. We offer professional stump grinding services at a competitive price. We are qualified arborists who continuously engage in the latest practices and utilise modern machinery. This saves you time and money with quality stump grinding and stump removal work that you can be 100% satisfied with. As Auckland based arborists we understand the local conditions, terrain and vegetation. This allows us to quickly provide an accurate estimate of the costs involved and finish any stump grinding work on time. Stump grinding is a tougher job than it might first appear because the roots often extend deep below the surface and are often many times larger than the stump itself. To complicate matters, some plant species have the risk of regrowth if an improper stump removal work was carried out. We don’t leave things up to chance with our thorough approach backed by years of experience and a long list of satisfied clients. Our past clients come from all sorts of backgrounds from commercial to residential.

Large stumps have deep roots, but with our experience and specialised stump removal requipment, we make short work of stumps and leave behind a nice and even finish.

Stump Grinding Cost

It is difficult to provide an estimate of what a particular stump grinding job will cost without first understanding what it will involve. Factors such as size and location can affect the final cost. We are qualified arborists and have a loyal following of satisfied clients, so speak to us in now to get an accurate and competitively priced quote.

Our Equipment

Providing an effective stump grinding service relies on having the right people and equipment for the job. Our modern equipment together with our highly skilled and experienced arborists quickly tackles stumps for complete removal no matter the size or difficulty of access. We treat your property with respect and leave it looking better than we found it. This allows you to quickly move on to with your next garden or landscaping project.