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Waitakere Tree Services Limited
Standard Terms and Conditions

These are the standard terms of trade for Waitakere Tree Services Limited. Where you accept a quote or tender offered to you by WTSL, it will be on these terms unless agreed otherwise, in writing by and signed by both parties.

1. Valid period
Any quote is valid for sixty (60) days.

2. Acceptance
Acceptance will be notified by returning the email (or written document) with confirmation of acceptance for the quote/tender and these terms and conditions.

3. Payment
Unless otherwise noted on the quote/tender, payment in full must be made within the time stated on the invoice. This is usually 14 days.

Failure to remit full payment within the payment term will result in a finance charge of 5.00% per month. The client will pay any actual costs of collection (expenses, disbursements, and legal fees) incurred by Waitakere Tree Services Limited, in recovering unpaid or partially paid invoices.

There will be a $25.00 fee charged for all cheques returned to our office due to the client having insufficient funds.

4. Cancellation
Waitakere Tree Services Limited requests that the client provide a minimum of 24 hours advance notice of any full or partial work cancellation. If a crew has been dispatched to the job site, the client may be charged a mobilization fee of $200.00 plus GST for incurred expenses.

5. Insurance
Waitakere Tree Services Limited holds comprehensive Public Liability insurance.

6. Health and safety
Waitakere Tree Services Limited will ensure employees comply with Health and Safety regulations and requirements. All arboricultural operations will follow the New Zealand Arboricultural Association best practice guidelines.

The client agrees not to enter the work site during arboricultural operations unless authorized by the crew leader on site.

7. Complaints
Any complaint that may arise from the work performed by Waitakere Tree Services Limited must be made in writing within seven (7) days from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

8. Waitakere Tree Services Limited responsibilities:

Waitakere Tree Services Limited will:
Undertake all work in a proper and competent manner and in accordance with any plans/specifications that define the scope of work.
Endeavour to undertake and complete the works in a timely and efficient manner, subject to weather conditions, availability of materials and competing business demands but will not be liable for damages for the delay.
Clean up the work site once the job is completed; this includes removing wood, brush and clippings and raking the area affected by the specified work, unless noted otherwise on the quote provided.
Minimise any disturbance to the clients lawn however lawn repairs are not included in the contract price unless noted on the quote provided for the job.
Minimise any damage to footpaths and driveways however in the event our equipment causes settling, cracking or other damage to footpaths and driveways; repairs are not included in the contract price.

Client’s responsibilities:
The client will:
Ensure that all trees listed are located on their property, and, if not that full permission in writing, has been granted by the owner to allow Waitakere Tree Services Limited to perform the specified work.
Indemnify Waitakere Tree Services Limited for any damages incurred from a) above or liability arising from the clients breach of contract including any liability from its failure to obtain any necessary planning and consent requirements of the territorial authority.
Take responsibility for investigating any private covenants so that no liability is attached to the contractor for breach of a covenant.
Provide Waitakere Tree Services Limited on request, with copies of documentation for the requirements listed above.

9. Stump removal
Unless otherwise stated stump removal is not included in the quoted price. When stump removal is quoted for, stumps will be taken to 100mm below ground level. Unless otherwise arranged, grindings from stump removal are left on site and surface and subsurface roots are not removed.

10. Concealed contingencies
Any additional work or equipment required to complete the work, caused by the clients failure to make known or caused by previously unknown foreign material in the trunk, the branches, underground, or any other condition not apparent at the time of quoting, shall be paid for by the client on a time and materials basis.

Waitakere Tree Services Limited is not responsible for damages to underground services, sprinkler or similar unless the systems are adequately and accurately mapped by the authorizing party and a copy is presented prior to work being started.


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